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About us

American Reforestation Company (ARC) was established in 2011 and provides reliable, world-class quality, plantation management services in Central and Latin America to a wide range of clients.



ARC’s mission is to provide a wide range of services across the entire value chain of forestry management in Central America. Our core beliefs and values are to be a trusted as an aligned partner of the plantation owners, and to provide our services professionally and in an efficient, transparent, accountable and verifiable way. Backbone of our do’s and don’ts is the ARC Quality Management System (QMS), in which we formulate a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and executing the management of the plantations. In this way we avoid making unnecessary costs and at the same time, aim towards optimizing the yield of the plantations.




ARC’s Vision is to be THE forestry partner to go to for any investor considering to invest in sustainably managed tropical hard wood plantations in Central America.

We believe that any investor who is looking to integrate impact principles into their portfolios whilst maintaining an attractive financial and socio-economic return, should look at investing in tropical hardwood plantations in developing countries. ARC is the ideal and trusted (forestry) partner for such an investor to assist and to guide them in the process of establishing and maintaining the plantations. We believe that we can achieve superior risk adjusted investment returns for our clients by managing their plantations in a sustainable manner without compromising the ecological and social environment.


Proprietary ARC Quality Management System (QMS)

We believe that ARC distinguishes itself from his peers through formulating and working according to a clear, transparent policy for all forestry services ARC is able to offer to its clients. This policy is laid down in the QMS and is implemented by a clear description of processes and procedures without compromising the agility. The main purpose of the QMS is to protect the asset, i.e. the plantation(s) and its value. At the same time working according to the QMS, provides ARC with important transparent and verifiable management information for optimization of the risk-adjusted return of the assets.

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